Message from the Couple

Dear family and friends, we are so excited to unite our lives in marriage and

we would not like this ceremony to take place without your presence.

You'll find all the details you need to know about our big day below.

We can't wait for you to celebrate with us!

We know our union might come as a surprise to some, so we wanted

to share some of our special moments over the past decade and respond to

some of your questions. We hope you enjoy this summary of our lives together until now.

-Ramon and Stacy

The Big Day



Saint Jerome Catholic Church

10815 N 35th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85029

    • 2:00 pm


Yesenia's Hall

8028 N 27th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85051

Cocktail Hour

5:00 pm


6:00 pm

    • Dance

8:00 pm

Our Story - A Decade of Adventures


We met in the summer of 2014, working at ALAC. This is the first rose that Ramon gave to Stacy, and it was with this same rose that he asked her to marry him.


We explored the world together through nature, music and art.


Going out of the town together became our favorite pastime.


We were together while we reached our goals.


We were inseparable since we met. As we conquered all of Arizona, we also conquered each other's hearts.


We were constantly seeking new adventures.


The pandemic did not stop us.


We explored Zacatecas.


We got lost in New York.


In 2023, we decided it was time to start the next chapter as an official couple. In March we got engaged and started planning the wedding. During this process we continued with the adventure and we visited Tijuana, Zacatecas, and California.


In 2024 we hope to get married and become forever travel partners. We can't wait for our adventures as a married couple to begin.


Burning Questions

Who took the first step? How?

R: Me. I realized that I wanted to be more than friends and I told her that

same night on the train tracks in Tempe.

S: Ramon. He was like an elementary school kid in love. He would tease me and throw wads of paper with hand sanitizer at me while I was supposed to be training him.

Who said "I love you" first?

R: Me...

S: Ramon...

Who is more romantic?

R: Day to day I am more romantic. But Stacy is more passionate.

S: Ramon. He is much more connected to his emotions and his love language toward me has always been gift giving.

Who is more fun?

R: The two of us together are a lot of fun, but Stacy is more creative.

S: Fun I don't know, but Ramon is more witty and keeps me entertained.

Who is more stubborn?

R: Me. I don't like to lose, but when Stacy explains things to me I can

change my mind.

S: Me.

Who tolerates alcohol better?

R: I can drink more, but Stacy handles alcohol better.

S: Ramon can drink more.

What three words would you use to describe your partner?

R: Happiness, love, future.

S: Passion, honesty, peacefulness.

What do you like most about your partner?

R: Everything.

S: He smells delicious.

What is your favorite activity together?

R: Talk to each other.

S: Discover new places.

What was your most memorable date?

R: My birthday #26. We went to Flagstaff to celebrate together.

S: Our first adventure exploring Phoenix together when we had just met. We

explored an abandoned building.

What is the best meal you have eaten together?

R: Strawberries and cream.

S: We have tried many foods, but I always think of sushi when I think of Ramon. He hadn't tried it before meeting me and his first time was hilarious.

What is the most memorable trip you have taken together?

R: New York

S: New York

What were his exact words when proposing marriage?

Ramon: "Are you nervous?"

Stacy: "No."

Ramon: "I am."

Ramon: "Do you want to be my girlfriend? Oh, and my wife too?"